Offering clues for Hack the Galaxy Puzzles

Hi everybody,

It seems that the puzzles are becoming trickier as we move into the final phase of this competition. Many people are asking for help, either in the forum posts or by DM, from those who have solved the puzzles.

I’d like to invite opinions from the other competitors about how we balance the individual desire to win, against the community spirit which such events fosters.

My thoughts:

  1. Please do NOT reveal the solutions to any of the previous puzzles until the competition is over. These solutions may well reappear in metapuzzles.

  2. I will no longer offer any advice via DM for any of the puzzles. I’ve given a handful of people hints similar to those which are in the forum posts but I’d rather any hints offered were publicly available for all, which also helps with moderation (i.e. if people think too much help is being given).

  3. I think that public hints/clues are community-spirited and - especially for those for whom English isn’t a first language - can help level the playing field a little.

  4. If anyone has any objection to any specific clue/hint which they regard as TOO helpful, speak up and we can decide if it should be removed.

  5. Let’s moderate this as a community (deferring of course to the powers-that-be). Everyone has a voice so let’s hear it if you have strong opinions one way or another.

Good luck everyone!


I salute the noble cause, though it might be a challenge to implement. DM hints are certainly counterproductive and I agree it’d be fairer for everyone to get the same help. I also agree it would be good to have some limits to that help.

Again, don’t know if it’s implementable but it would be cool to have maybe one hint per day?
Most people get stuck at similar places, so the daily hint should be about the most common struggle.
For example with the current puzzle it would’ve been like:
Friday: hint about clue 2
Saturday: hint about clue 3
Sunday: hint about clue 7/8
(For the weekend puzzles I’d skip a day)

Who gives that hint though is another question :sweat_smile: