Making an API Request from your iphone using siri shortcuts

Hello today i want to tell you about using your iphone to make API requests. BTW This only works on iphone. On android devices you will need to root your phone and BTW siri is an apple only thing! But there is tasker for droid which costs I think $10 give or take. This all said I do not own an android so I can’t give much advice in that regard.

On your iphone you’ll need to activate siri & shorcuts in settings. Its absolutely free, but it the shortcuts app will only show up on your phone once its activated in settings. Here is a link to a short guide on setting up shortcuts Shortcuts User Guide - Apple Support (CA)

I’ll be making a few posts on this topic over the next week or two.

I also suggest getting HTTP catcher, its like $5 in the app store, but its not needed for what I’m showing you guys. Its just um… a very nice compliment for shortcuts especially if you are interested in sniffing private APIs and finding bugs. BTW I do this completely un-jailbroken. I’m just a girl with an iphone… what do I know?!

BTW this is the initial API request which is covered in the rapyd docs and this error was the expected outcome as i have not made the auth calculation and slipped it into the headers.

You have to essentially run a relatively complex calculation at the second of the api request. This is normal for financial services. You can also do this in shortcuts too, however I’ve yet to figure that out.

These methods are also HIGHLY useful for managing the storage of keys outside your app. I do this for my apps that use twillio, and I only slip in my “authenticated hash” as a string which I then abstract away.


Cool Thanks for sharing @juliapak! I love exploring and testing API requests!

Here is an example of some of the actions shortcuts has


web scraping for an api in. case you guys are curious. not my video Always Check for the Hidden API when Web Scraping - YouTube

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this is a very old video of mine showing how i made an automation to grab shifts on a service called skip. Admittedly I am not sure if this still works or not. Pretty sure it does though… I’ve also automated a game too. just eats rider: How the auto shift grabber for skip works - YouTube

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This is really cool. Keep up the good work.


You have a step by step guide on how to set this up to work on Skip

that’s a bit out of scope for the context of this forum.

Outside this forum???