Frequently Asked Questions for Fintech Integration Developers

What are the main APIs provided by your fintech platform?

Our fintech platform offers various APIs, including Payment Processing, Account Management, Fraud Detection, Data Analytics, and Customer Identity Verification.

How can I get started with integrating your API?

Sign up for your API keys on our developer portal to get started. Then, refer to our comprehensive API documentation and tutorials for detailed instructions on setting up your development environment and making your first API call.

What programming languages are supported by your SDKs?

Our SDK is currently available in Python. We are also working on JavaScript, Java, C#, and Ruby to ensure compatibility with various development environments.

How do I handle errors and exceptions in your API?

Our API returns detailed error messages with standardized error codes. Refer to our error handling documentation to understand the nature of errors and how to troubleshoot them effectively.

What are the rate limits for API calls, and how can I avoid exceeding them?

Our API rate limits vary based on the endpoint and your subscription plan. Check the rate limits section in our documentation for specifics. To avoid exceeding limits, implement efficient API call management and caching strategies.

Are there any examples or sample codes available for common integrations?

Yes, we have a GitHub called Rapyd Samples that houses a variety of how-to code samples, tutorials, and example projects to help you learn and implement integrations quickly.

How can I stay updated on new features and changes to the API?

Stay informed by subscribing to our developer newsletter, following our blog, and checking our changelog regularly. We also host webinars and release notes to update you on the latest developments.