Getting Started FAQs

Where can I find technical documentation?

To find our developer docs and API reference guide go to

You can also ask any questions in our Developer Community, and discuss with other fintech developers.

How do I make my first API call?

For more information on how to make your first API call, visit First API Call

Where do I find the API keys?

API Keys are found in Client Portal in the “Developer Tab”

Where do I define the webhook endpoints?

Webhook endpoints and enabled events can be configured in the Developers section in your Client Portal. For more details, please refer to Defining a Webhook Endpoint

I am having problems authenticating my API calls, where can I find help regarding the signature creation process?

For more information on request signatures, visit Authentication

What native frameworks do you support?

Rapyd hosts a RESTful backend service therefore is framework agnostic meaning any language can be used.

Do you support 3D secure card payments?

Yes, we support 3D secure for more information please go to Card Payment With 3DS Verification