Installation for iOS SDK

Do you have document on how to install the iOS Rapyd SDK? I noticed that there are 2 frameworks: one for device and one for simulator. Does that mean that we choose the framework depending on where to install the mobile application?

Here’s the documentation: Introduction to Mobile SDK

This should have the information you need. If not, please let me know and I will ask around.


This document explained how to use the API but not with setting up the framework. Currently there are 2 iOS SDK frameworks. I am not sure which to choose. I used the simulator framework and it seems to compile but wondering what’s the intention of the device framework.

@Mosko can you shed any light on the difference between device and simulator framework and if it matters which one @Wolee_2000 should use for his build?

Think I figure it out after running each framework.

Thanks @Wolee_2000 - which framework did you end up using?

I am using the simulator for now but will switch to device later. I am creating business object to interface with the Rapyd Mobile SDK which will allow me to add different flavor of process payment in the front end. Getting excited to build app for the Hackathon. :slight_smile:

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nice! best of luck with your idea. would you mind stating that you figured out the framework on the slack question as well? That way we can close that open request to teams.

Let me do it now. Thanks.