Building a Flutter plugin for Rapyd

Rapyd currently offers Mobile SDKs for native Android and iOS platforms. But I found there is no Flutter plugin available for integrating Rapyd.

I was trying to integrate the Rapyd API with a Flutter app and found it a bit challenging (mainly getting the signature correct in Dart). A Flutter/Dart plugin would make it pretty easy for the users to integrate and use Rapyd with their Flutter apps. Is there any such Flutter plugin in development?

If not, I was willing to work on a Flutter plugin for Rapyd, and publish it to One of the example apps where I integrated Rapyd with Flutter is available on GitHub.

Let me know your feedback.


Hey Thanks @sbis04 for this. I will reach out to you in a PM here in forums to talk with you about.

For anyone that reads this, we love it when developers want to help build with Rapyd tools for other developers. :pray:

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Kudos to @sbis04 for writing this awesome post/tutorial on P2P payment integration with Stream and Flutter.