Building a Flutter plugin for Rapyd

Rapyd currently offers Mobile SDKs for native Android and iOS platforms. But I found there is no Flutter plugin available for integrating Rapyd.

I was trying to integrate the Rapyd API with a Flutter app and found it a bit challenging (mainly getting the signature correct in Dart). A Flutter/Dart plugin would make it pretty easy for the users to integrate and use Rapyd with their Flutter apps. Is there any such Flutter plugin in development?

If not, I was willing to work on a Flutter plugin for Rapyd, and publish it to One of the example apps where I integrated Rapyd with Flutter is available on GitHub.

Let me know your feedback.



Hey Thanks @sbis04 for this. I will reach out to you in a PM here in forums to talk with you about.

For anyone that reads this, we love it when developers want to help build with Rapyd tools for other developers. :pray:


Kudos to @sbis04 for writing this awesome post/tutorial on P2P payment integration with Stream and Flutter.


I couldn’t find any documentation for the native android/ios or flutter SDKs.
Can you please direct me in the right direction.
I am trying to integrate the Rapyd’s wallet API with a Flutter application.

Hey @Azfar_Ahmed Rapyd does not have any docs for flutter SDKs. In the thread above @sbis04 shares links to some of his work around this. Does that help? We need some good flutter sample work if you know anyone that would be open to writing.

Hi @Azfar_Ahmed, I had once started working on a Rapyd package for Flutter but I got too busy since then (regarding my university and work stuff) and didn’t get to do much progress on it. But, yes as @Drew pointed out, that repo in this thread will help you to create the basic Rapyd Wallet API integration with Flutter (check out this file).

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@Drew understood. Is there any documentation for Android/IOS SDKs?
@sbis04 Thank you, I will look into this.

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Not at this time - Rapyd does not have any SDKs.

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Hey, just wanted to give an update on this. I have started working on a Flutter SDK (or package) for Rapyd!

It’s in a very early stage, just has a very few API endpoints that I needed at the time of working on a project. That being said, it has everything required for performing proper API calls (including salt and signature generation), which I found many people were struggling with.

Package Link: rapyd | Dart Package
GitHub Link: GitHub - sbis04/rapyd_sdk_flutter: Rapyd Flutter SDK for accessing the Payments API

**Please feel free to contribute to this project as much as possible to make it production-ready asap.

You can also use this space for discussion regarding this package.

This is amazing @sbis04 - I will be sure and ask around internally for contirbutors and also if you need anything or run into issues please reach out directly - I will put you in touch with right engineers in Tel Aviv that can help support this effort.