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I’m new to Rapyd and have been delving extensively into the documentation. I currently reside in the Philippines, and I use GCash and Maya for bank transfers, which typically happen almost instantly.

However, what has been puzzling me in the documentation is the mention of a 24-hour processing time. I’m in the process of building apps for the Vietnamese market and other Asian countries, and I’m uncertain about the expected duration for bank-to-bank transfers when using Rapyd’s API.

Is it common for Rapyd API bank transfers to take up to 24 hours? Has anyone here experienced this delay and can provide some insights?

Thank you.

Hyey @Roy1168 - welcome to the community here at Rapyd! :wave:

For a question specific to Bank transfers and the length of time for the duration of a bank-to-bank transfer you may open a Client Support ticket → Creating a Customer Support Ticket there may be limits based on various attributes of account types when it comes to this.

Depending on banks and networks this process normally takes anywhere from a day+ to complete. Some may seem shorter if risks are taken on by someone to hold the funds on behalf of someone would be my thinking - as to why shorter than a day.

Others here can add their thoughts as well but Creating a Customer Support Ticket can help you get a better understanding of what is available for you.

Lastly, if you have feedback on and suggestions for improving – scroll to the bottom and look in the footer. ‘Got feedback Let Us Know’, and click or tap on ‘Let Us Know’ and fill out the form as we are continuously improving our developer resources.

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Hey @uxdrew,

I wanted to express my gratitude for sharing that valuable information and guiding me on where to address my concerns and get answers. I also have a hunch that you might be the same person from the YouTube channel, and I must say you’re doing a fantastic job there – keep up the great work!

Regarding the bank transfer duration, it seems to depend on various factors, including the banks and networks involved. I agree with your point that some transfers may appear shorter if certain entities hold the funds on behalf of someone. It’s a complex process, and I’ll explore it further by opening a Client Support ticket.

Thanks for the warm welcome and your assistance.

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Hi @uxdrew,

The support system doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. I can’t find the button to create a support ticket. Maybe I should wait for a while and then try again later. It’s possible that there’s a technical issue currently affecting the system.

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Hey, @Roy1168 you can email support directly then, to get in the queue with them. Let us know how it goes.

Hi @Drew , thanks got it, will try to reach out by directly email them :slight_smile:

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