Dinero tango.me

El viernes 14 de la app de tango me salรญa que el dinero ya habia salido para mรญ banco ,hoy llame a mi banco porque el dinero no se ve reflejado y me pide que rapyd debe darme un certificado transaccional para ellos verificar que paso con el dinero,necesito que por favor me ayuden

Translate: On Friday the 14th, the tango app showed me the money had already gone to my bank. Today, I called my bank because the money is not reflected, and it asked me if Rapyd could give me a transactional certificate so they can verify what happened to the money. I need you to please help me

Hi there, welcome to the Rapyd developer community! So for this, you would need to email support@rapyd.net or log into the account you created with Rapyd following these instructions. If you did not create a client portal account to link to Rapyd, you should email the address mentioned above.