How much fee is charged by banks if INTER COMPANY TRANSACTIONS occur between same company at different countries?

Suppose a company wants to transfer sum amount of money from one of its branch at a country to its headoffice which is another country. How will they carry out the transaction and what all fee is charged by the respective body?

It does not depend on the company, it depends whether the banks charge for the international bankwire, even if it is the same bank.

I recommend you to transfer money wallet to wallet using Rapyd, this is free and does not rely on banks. After that, you disburse the amount from from beneficiary wallet to the desired bank account. Keep in mind, that every time you do a cashout the debited bank account could be a Rapyd account in a X country, so fee can still apply. You’ll need to specify the country in your questions, but because is so specific, I recommend you to ask directly to Rapyd support.

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