Rapyd Bytes: Cross-Border Payments

In this video, you’ll learn about Cross-Border Payments as we discuss opportunities for FX Fees and Transaction Fees for currency exchange. Use the Rapyd API to accept payments when the customer and seller are in different countries.


Kyle Pollock - DevRel Specialist at Rapyd


Download Postman Collection https://bit.ly/3vxY1aG
Rapyd Bytes: Make your First API Call Rapyd Bytes: Make Your First API Call - YouTube
Make Your First API Call First API Call
Payment Method Type Payment Method Type
List Payment Method by Country Payment Method Type
Creating a Payment with FX Payment
Create Payment with FX and Fees Rapyd Bytes: Create Payment with FX and Fees - YouTube
2022 Cross-Border Commerce Report The Global State of Cross-Border Commerce - Rapyd
FX Buy and Sell Rapyd Bytes: FX Buy and Sell - YouTube
Daily Rates Daily Rates
Get Daily Rates Daily Rates
Client Portal Rapyd Client Portal


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Table of contents

00:00 Overview
01:13 Report - 2022 Global State of Cross-Border Commerce
01:27 Developer Community - Cross-Border Payments
01:44 Documentation - Use Cases
01:59 Documentation - Create Payment
02:11 Postman - Cross-Border Payment
06:33 Postman - Retrieve Payment
07:16 Postman - Retrieve Wallet Balances
08:20 Recap & Outro

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