How did you get in IT?

Actually ways of live can be very different- so can be the ways fo find in this branch or to your job.
I worked in some restaurants for more than 8 years- and then I just overthought my life and made a cut with the past. I tried freecodecamp and tutorials and with each exercise I became more and more sure: THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO - even when I am from a completely other branch =D

Tell your story- it could encourage others =)


I always liked tech and science probably because of my father. I wrote my first program when I was around 13(?) years old and I program ever since. I started on some small Slovak website teaching programming in C++. A few years forward and now I work as a programmer :smile:. I also can’t wait to study this and become more proficient.

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My way was by accident. I was a designer, and started working for a company and was working with some developers and we all became good friends. When we had a moment or even over drinking beers I would help them with the frontend (mainly the UI and UX plus the HTML/CSS/ light JS) and they would explain to be all about helpers and OOP and I was soon making helpers from my designs so they could then implement in their C projects. It was a lot of fun learning from each other and growing - the beers were nice too. So I wanted to be a developer one day and one day became one from these guys.


Since I was young I was always enthusiast in games. I loved that escape from reality when you have bad day, when you are tired or sad. For me games always cheered me up. Because of that, I always knew I want to be some sort of IT developer. To make some games and cheer someone up. So at around 15 is when I started for the first time. I started doing light python and searching game engines. But it was really really light and it didn’t took me anywhere (only teached me logic etc.). Everything changed when a local IT comapny came to our school and wanted to have interview with students that want a job. I landed it and that’s how I officially started one year ago as a software developer in a company where I also met my collegue @MarkoSHX with whom I started business now.
Check also his start!

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