Formatting and Validating JSON Files

From time to time you will need to edit and validate a JSON file before adding it to a body of a request. You can use the many JSON validators that are online, but I find them limited in their functionality, and many of them are also full of ads and pop-ups. I recommend using the freeware source-code editor Visual Studio Code together with one of its popular extensions for JSON files. After you have downloaded and installed Visual Studio Code, open the program, and press the ‘Ctrl+Shift+X’ keys. Enter ‘JSON’ in the Search Extensions field, and download one of the JSON extensions that includes great reviews and many downloads. I personally use the ZainChen JSON extension, but there are other JSON extensions that also work very well. Note that some of the extensions only validate a file after it is initially saved as a JSON file.


Hi Legato,

Completely agree! I will try the extension. Thanks for sharing!

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