Invitation for Security and Development Experts: Code Review & Contributions Welcome

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a wallet app that utilizes Node.js with Express.js framework for backend, Raypd API, MySQL for user login, registration, and authentication. I am reaching out to this community to kindly request your expertise and assistance in reviewing my source code. I highly value your feedback, suggestions, and contributions to improve the security, performance, and overall quality of the codebase.

If any of you are interested in reviewing the code or making contributions, I would greatly appreciate your involvement. The codebase is available on, and I encourage you to clone or access it to provide your insights. Specifically, I would appreciate feedback on areas such as security vulnerabilities, performance optimizations, code readability, and any other aspects you find relevant.

Please feel free to provide feedback through pull requests, comments on specific lines of code, or direct messages. I will actively engage with you, ask questions, and discuss any suggestions or concerns raised. Your time and contributions are immensely valuable, and I am incredibly grateful for your support in helping me enhance this project.

Thank you in advance for considering my request and for your willingness to contribute. Your expertise and insights will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the project’s success. The project is still a work in progress

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Hey @Brix - welcome back again to the community forum. I will share your request as well with some of our R&D and Product team and work to get them to provide feedback to you here on this thread.

Looking forward to what other developers here like yourself have to say and contribute to your efforts.


Thank you, @Drew much appreciated. I have uploaded a README file to those interested.