Connecting Rapyd with Bubble app (a no code tool)


I wish to connect my bubble app with Rapyd via APi however I am struggling with the headers and auth parameters. Need some guidance.

Thanks @Nocodestan, I am not familiar with bubble app but just want to ask, are you using the API Connector?

If you using Bubble for a no-code solution it looks like you will still need to are build a request signature to make an API call with Rapyd.

I’ve also looked around in their forums to read different posts on request signatures and authentication. It looks like some posts related to Amazon (AWS) may be helpful which require base64-encoded HMAC-SHA256, timestamp, etc.

To play around with the API you can also download Postman to make API calls. Here’s a video on how to download and start working.

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Morning Kyle,

Thanks for getting back to me. Are you free to jump on a call with me? is the alternative for Webflow and an advanced Wix (which are current plugins available in Rapyd).

There is so much potential for Rapyd if you can set-up a working guide for users to enable API connection. A key use case and example:

I am currently working on a payment integration for a client who is based in Thailand. Stripe isn’t accessible there and Paypal is very complicated. If you and I can enable Rapyd for bubble API connector or create a plugin, there is huge potential.

I am happy to jump on a call to discuss further.


Thanks @Nocodestan. I’ve reached out to personally to connect with one of their support team members about what our API requires to make a call. They are taking a look at our documentation now! :slight_smile:

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Hey Kyle, any movement on this? I have now referred your solution to 2 of my clients whose app will be built in bubble. They are also happy to be used as a use case/success story for the bubble integration.

@Kyle just flagging you.

Thanks @Nocodestan, support got back to me with the following.

“I’ve just heard back from our engineering team confirming that this would not be possible to implement with our API connector. Rather, someone would need to build a plugin with Rapyd. Let us know if you have any further questions!”

It seems like the API connector is intended for more of a public API or one with a request that is not as layered as Rapyd’s is.

Now that I am aware of Bubble as a no-code solution I could possibly bring this up to the team for a future hackathon or network event discussion.

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