Checkout Toolkit integration error after card payment form is filled and click Pay now

Hi all, I have an issue using Checkout Toolkit integration

From the error, it seems like all the card numbers are not included with the request,
not sure why, or if that’s how it should be

[HTTP/2 400 Bad Request 368ms]



Thanks, what payment methods are you using?

It looks like it may be due to bin_details

I I’ll follow up with team members, feel free to open a support ticket on this as described here Submitting a Support Ticket

Using Card payment method only. I’m creating a payment on my client side as Checkout Toolkit Integration
And passes a new checkout id from ‘/v1/checkout’,
my example code in php to get the checkout id is

$body = [
			"amount" => 100,
			"complete_checkout_url" => "",
			"country" => "SG",
			"currency" => "SGD",
			"requested_currency" => "USD",
			//"merchant_reference_id" => "950ae8c6-76",
			"metadata" => [
				'order_id' => "S457312"
			"payment_method_types_include" => [

		$checkout_res = $this->make_request('post', '/v1/checkout', $body);

		if (!isset($checkout_res['data']['id'])) return;
		$checkout_id = $checkout_res['data']['id'];

After which I have the payment form successfully rendered, but can’t test payments with the test cards “the error”.