Changing plans in subscription mid-month


lets say I have two plans:

  • Basic: allows up to 5 users ($100)
  • Pro: allows up to 10 users ($150)

A company signs up for the basic plan, but mid month they realize they need at least 6 users so they have to upgrade to the pro plan. How would I go about implementing that and how to collect the difference in payment (~$25)?

Should I update the subscription to the new plan? Or cancel the old subscription and create a new subscription? Do I calculate the difference and create a payment or does the API do it?


It is not possible to update a subscription with a new plan. See Update subscription for all supported fields that may be updated. I suggest to cancel the old subscription and create a new one. Note that a monthly subscription can start at any day of the month. See also description of interval in Plan object.

Hope this helps


If you set the billing field of the subscription to send_invoice when you create it, the invoice will take care of calculating the moneys due and collecting them. If you want to process it manually, you can create a payment or an invoice. See Invoice Object.