Adding Rapyd to "Alternative payment methods" on Shopify

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Right now if you are to add Rapyd Payments to Shopify, It will be added to the “Third-party payment provider” list. and I’m wondering if you can add it to “Alternative payment methods” instead so I can use it alongside another Payment Processor on my store.

As Shopify only allows for one primary third-party payment provider and an alternative one as well.

The reason why I want to do that is that I’m only interested in the localized payment experience that Rapyd provides but for credit/ debit card payments I’d like to use a different processor.

Do you think that such a setup is possible?

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Hi @OussamaEdhibi, in the sandbox, you basically have access to all PMTs enabled for the sandbox including credit card. However, on production, especially for cards, that requires additional configuration and whether it will be added is depending on your agreement with Rapyd. Suppose that you don’t want card payments, then in the end, on production, you don’t see cards on the checkout pages.

Hi Xi Li,

Is this reply for my question :thinking:

May I kindly ask you to read my question again and in case you weren’t familiar with what I was talking about let me know so I can try explain it further.

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Hi @OussamaEdhibi are you referring to the Alternative payment methods (APMs) section in Shopify backend? as I was under the impression that you simply want to omit cards. So Rapyd is listed only in the 3-rd party payment provider at this moment, not on the APMs list. But I do think it’s valid point to bring back internally as a feedback to our plugin team to expend the offering in the further.

Yes, I’d appreciate that. And would you mind letting me if that’s something they’re in favor of implementing soon as this will help me decide whether or not to stay on the Rapyd platform.

Much appreciated :grinning:

@OussamaEdhibi - great feedback, happy to share with the team.