Activation of account

Do I need to activate my rapyd account to be able to use secret and access key in integrating API.?

Hello @Hardik_poudel - for the hackathon you do not need to Activate your account (KYB)
please slide the toggle to Sandbox, click on ‘Developers’ and you can grab your API keys to us in your solution.

If someone was a building for production then they would need to go through the KYB activation process before they could have their account enabled.

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Thanks for the reply, i’ve got my secret and access key, but how do i create my auth headers

If you download the postman from First API Call in documentation - the auth headers are built for you so you can play around with and then build in whatever flavor you want. We do not have samples of auth headers in various languages. Lastly, here is a link to the API Reference for Request Signatures.

Actually, the API Reference does provide detailed code examples for Java, NODE.js, Ruby, Python and PHP. See Request Signatures. These show how to generate the signature, including methods for generating the salt and timestamp. Content-Type is a constant string. You get the access_key from the Client Portal and it is the same in all your requests. idempotency is only relevant to Create Payment.

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