Do you operate in Venezuela? and how do you deal with inflation?
There is a need for alternative payment methods in the country, because of the economic and humanitarian crisis.

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Thanks @talsk for posting! We do not currently operate in Venezuela. I share the following with anyone looking for what countries we operate in.

  1. Our Local Payments page displays our payment methods by country
  2. When you sign up in Client Portal you can search your available country in the dropdown during the sign up process.
  3. Anyone with an account in Client Portal can look for more countries under My Account > Settings > Payment Methods or Payout Methods.

Can you help me understand your question regarding inflation?

I think this can be a massive topic, but in general ecommerce can help lower prices through more a competitive marketplace and more payment methods. Rapyd’s Payment with FX may help bring in more merchants and increase cross-boarder transactions.

I think in the case of Venezuela, the solutions extend beyond hyperinflation to mitigating risk, and navigating government restrictions in a volatile economic and political climate.

I agree with you the need for alternative payment methods. I would love to continue this conversation and share more thoughts or resources on this.

Glad to be a part of the Rapyd community with you!