Unable to update payment method object fields

I was trying to update the payment method objects “fields” using this endpoint.


body: {
    status: {
      status: 'ERROR',
      message: 'The request tried to update a payment method of a customer, but it tried to set a new value for a field that does not exist or is not modifiable. The request was rejected. Corrective action: Do not change the value of the field named at the end of the error code.',
      operation_id: '000de2f3-fddf-4917-8d9d-6cd4f285443e'

From this message, what I understood is that only some of the fields are modifiable, so can someone tell me what all fields are modifiable in a card payment object?

Thanks @GermaVinsmoke, are you looking at payment methods in APAC?

You can find out many fields are updatable with the object is_updatable.

Depending on the payment method you are trying to update may be card_ or other_.

You can find the parameters for updating card fields or other fields which may not have many fields to update since this is not directly passed through the API (e.g. bank redirect).

I do see you are trying to update a Number is this a card number field for a country in APAC?