Testing creating / complete payment endpoint in Postman

Hello there,

I’m having an issue testing the create / complete payment endpoint, I’m passing in test details and setting the idempotency correctly in the headers but still this error occurs :slightly_smiling_face:.

How I set idempotency:

const idempotency = new Date().getTime().toString()
pm.environment.set("rapyd_idempotency", idempotency)
  "message": "The request tried to update a payment, but the status of the payment does not allow updates. The request was rejected. Corrective action: None. Determine why an attempt was made to change the payment when the 'status' was not 'ACT'.",
        "response_code": "ERROR_UPDATE_PAYMENT",

Also I’m making use of the Sandbox api url and it’s secret and access keys.

Thanks @xyz, I see you are trying to complete a payment. Is this a bank_redirect or bank_transfer type of payment?

I am noticing the status of your payment is not ACT (active) so it must be already CLO (closed)