SVB downfall!

hope you guys were not tied to SVB!!

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Amidst all the posts I’m seeing callouts for Starbucks gift cards. It made me think of our conversation and your app.

All jokes aside, my heart goes out to all the decision makers right now and the teams they oversee.

Here’s a resources that I read out of curiosity.

HA!! I would think gov debt (tbills) would be better long term hold!

that only covers up to 250k…

I think starbucks stock would be a good option. Even with their closures, they are a decent bet. I hope that SVB failure is not a black swan event!

imagine having to make payroll today! un nerving!

Looks like the government will fully support all deposits, even the ones above 250k (i am pretty sure). the government is backstopping but won’t do a bailout. Low interest rates likely caused this. FDIC and regulators will deal with it. I wonder if there is a buyer?!