Request for Assistance: UNAUTHORIZED_API_CALL Error (Status Code 401) - Need Help Resolving the Issue

I am currently experiencing an issue while using API, and I was hoping to get some assistance. I need to retrieve details of an issued card. Here is the code

app.get('/card', async (req, res) => {

    try {
        // const result = await makeRequest('POST', `/v1/issuing/cards/card_480de82cf2d75f74c58351d1abf8f3be`);
        const result = await makeRequest('POST', `/v1/issuing/cards/ci_7664c0693f4dd6d3c2862dc25723c06a`);

    } catch (error) {


The error in the browser

    "statusCode": 401,
    "headers": {
        "date": "Thu, 02 Nov 2023 18:38:01 GMT",
        "content-type": "application/json; charset=utf-8",
        "content-length": "173",
        "connection": "close",
        "vary": "X-HTTP-Method-Override, Accept-Encoding",
        "etag": "W/\"ad-VImdX7MSH5uJ03DXwD9nWw\""
    "body": {
        "status": {
            "error_code": "UNAUTHORIZED_API_CALL",
            "status": "ERROR",
            "message": "",
            "response_code": "UNAUTHORIZED_API_CALL",
            "operation_id": "83a0228b-66aa-411b-89f0-9622b11ef239"

I followed the requirements from the Retrieve Issued Card Details documentation page, but the error is not changing even when I use ID of the issued card string starting with ci_ or card_.

Hi @Brix are you still having this issue? It may be based on what is available in the sandbox. You can open a ticket in the Client Portal and someone in support can verify availability.

On line 1, you are correctly using a β€˜get’, but on line 5, you have β€˜post’. Could that be the problem?


I forgot to update, my error was from β€˜post’ when calling API it should be β€˜get’.

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Been there, done that! :upside_down_face: