Refunds are not completed in sandbox

As per documentation I understand that, complete refund post method must be called to complete the refund in sandbox environment for payment methods like cash, bank redirect, e-wallets, are there any payment methods for which REFUND_COMPLETED web-hook is called automatically since third party methods is explicitly mentioned in documentation? is there any way to guarantee that web-hook is called automatically in live environment?

Thanks @Sushanth_Shetty, maybe you could further define what you mean by automatically? If the you set up your webhooks, you’ll be able to confirm they are triggered when completing the refund.

There’s a description on the Webhook - Refund Completed page on third party methods.

If the payment method requires the action of a third party to complete the refund process, this webhook is triggered when the last required third-party action is completed.

In the sandbox, Complete Refund simulates the third-party action and triggers this webhook.

A payment method that may have a third party action may be something like an ewallet that has a card linked to it like PayTM.

Here’s a guide on setting up webhooks in Client Portal.

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