Rapyd Livestream: Getting Started with Postman and Mastering the Rapyd Customer Object

In this video, you’ll learn about Rapyd, fintech payments, and a short demo using Postman. Follow along as we learn about the Customer Object using the Rapyd API.


Kyle Pollock - Technical Writer at Rapyd



If you have a question, please feel free to reach out on our community https://community.rapyd.net, or our support team at https://support.rapyd.net.


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Table of contents

00:00 Overview
01:05 Payments create revenue
03:48 Evolution of FIntech
05:30 Rapyd Platforms
07:58 Why Build with Rapyd?
10:14 Fintech Industry Verticals
11:15 Recipe for Revenue
13:38 Use Case - Kadmos
14:42 Evolution of Checkout
16:38 Rapyd Developer Community
17:16 Rapyd Stack Simplified
18:44 Demo - Grab Your API Keys
21:40 Documentation - Customer Object
22:38 Postman - Create Wallet
24:48 Postman - Create Customer with Payment Method
25:12 Postman - Retrieve Customer
26:01 Webhook - Customer Created
26:44 Postman - Create Payment by Payment Method ID
34:51 Postman - Update Customer with Payment Method (Bank Redirect)
35:01 Postman - Create Payment by Payment Method ID
36:28 Postman - Complete Payment by Bank Transfer
37:35 Webhook Responses
38:13 Postman - Create Checkout Page
42:03 Q&A
1:00:31 Recap & Outro

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