Rapyd and Postman - Getting Started

As a developer, you know that building apps can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why it’s important to have tools that simplify the development process and help you build applications faster. One such tool is Postman.

Postman is a powerful API development tool that allows you to test, debug, and document APIs quickly and easily. With Postman, you can create and manage API requests, supporting various API protocols and formats. This makes it a great tool for developers who want to build applications communicating with APIs.

One way to get started with Postman is by using the Rapyd collection. Rapyd is a global fintech company that provides payment and financial infrastructure APIs. We have created a Postman collection that includes top API endpoints, making it easy for developers to build applications that use our services.

The Rapyd collection includes requests for payment processing, ewallets, and card issuing. These APIs can be used to build various financial applications, such as e-commerce sites, payment gateways, and mobile wallets.

Once you have imported the Rapyd collection, you can explore the API endpoints and build your application. The Rapyd API documentation provides detailed information on each API endpoint, including the parameters and response data.

For example, you want to build an e-commerce site that allows customers to make payments using the Rapyd payment processing API. To do this, you must create an API request in Postman that includes the customer’s payment information and the Rapyd API endpoint.

To make a payment using the Rapyd API, you must use the following endpoint: https://sandboxapi.rapyd.net/v1/payments. This endpoint requires several parameters, including the amount, currency, and payment method.

Using Postman, you can easily create a request that includes these parameters and sends the payment information to the Rapyd API. You can also test the API response to ensure that the payment was successful.

Overall, Postman is a powerful tool for developers who want to build applications that use APIs. With the Rapyd collection, developers can quickly and easily build financial applications, including payment processing, wallets, and card issuing. So if you’re looking for a tool that simplifies the development process and speeds up application development, be sure to try Postman and the Rapyd collection.

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