Payment simultaor doesnot open up for few Ewallets for Malaysia

Env: Sandbox.

I am testing payment for MALAYSIA country using EWallets. For Malaysia, I am getting 4 ewallet options like: MY Union Pay, Boost EWallet, Alipay Ewallet, GrabPay Recurring. For these 4 options I am able to make payments via simulation for 2 i.e Boost EWallet and Alipay EWallet but there is no simulation page opens up for other 2 options i.e. MY Union pay and GrabPay Recurring.
Please suggest the solution for the same.


Thanks @Vishal_Vashist. To confirm, by simulation are you referring to the test login page that may redirect the user after choosing the payment method like the following?

This may not apply for GrabPay Recurring since it looks like the workflow would include downloading a code and copying it into the app.

The workflow would look like something like this.

  1. User types in phone number.

  2. User receives/copies the OTP and types it in.

I can inquire about what should be the best workflow Rapyd shows in sandbox for GrabPay Recurring and My Union Pay.

In the meantime you can go to Client Portal and close the payment for a simulation or via API - Complete Payment via local ewallet.

Client Portal Screenshot & Guide here.