How to add funds to an E-Wallet (Deposit) via API

A. E-Wallet recharging:

  1. Open the Postman tool and select the relevant environment (For testing purposes use ’ Rapyd Payments - Sandbox ’ environment).
  2. Use the API ’ Add Funds To User Account ’ (it may already been saved in Postman collection).
  3. In the body of the message, set the following: merchant E-Wallet phone number in ‘phone_number’ field, the amount of money set in ‘amount’ field and the currency in ‘currency’ field.
  4. Note : Make sure the E-Wallet exists before that.

Add Funds to Wallet Account API Request

// Request URL: POST Message body:{	"ewallet": "ewallet_554f0be25b653e4a578db9b7df058e31",	"amount": "5000",	"currency": "PHP",    "metadata": {    "merchant_defined": true   }}

Add Funds to Wallet Account API Response

{    "status": {        "error_code": "",        "status": "SUCCESS",        "message": "",        "response_code": "",        "operation_id": "2f166dcf-19a5-4393-aa47-bf6e3434b3b6"    },    "data": {        "id": "c10e06e8-c93a-46ea-a16c-3a45639663ba",        "account_id": "ef17c6f3-fcdc-11ea-bbd7-02c4887b9dab",        "phone_number": "+14155551934",        "amount": 5000,        "currency": "PHP",        "balance_type": "available_balance",        "metadata": {            "merchant_defined": true        }    }}

B. Recharge validation:

  1. Open the Postman tool and use the API ’ Get eWallet
  2. Set the E-Wallet ID or the phone number in the ‘Path Params’ (GET method requests doesn’t contain body).


Get Wallet API Request

// Request URL: GET Message body absent

Get Wallet API Response

  1. E-Wallet is identified by an E-Wallet id (a hash string that starts with ewallet_ , in this case it is ewallet_b936b69d1557e05a63cf09eafe34d02 ) or a phone number.
  2. Each E-Wallet can contain several accounts for different currencies. The accounts are opened automatically when you add funds of a new currency. In the example above there are two accounts: one for RUB and one for USD.
  3. An E-Wallet owner can transfer funds to another e-wallet. If the transfer is of a new currency to destination E-Wallet, a new account will be opened automatically in that E-Wallet.