PAX A920 Pro Wi-Fi/4G Guide

NOTE: These device guides are for UK/Ireland-issued POS devices only. Check with your Rapyd Sales Representative before implementing.


Rapyd - Getting Started with PAX A920 Pro.pdf (4.8 MB)


In your pack, you will receive:

➔ PAX A920 Pro terminal (Wi-Fi/ 4G)
➔ Charging base unit
➔ Power supply
➔ Micro SIM card


You will find the Power button on the right hand side. Hold it down for 2-4 seconds
to turn on the terminal. This is also a Wake Up button, when the terminal is in
standby mode.

The contactless reader is on the lid (top side) of the terminal. It comes with a
battery already installed, and a SIM card, if this was part of your order.

The A920 Pro is a touchscreen device, and you can navigate around menus in a way
that will be familiar to most android users. When charged, it typically displays the
Payments home screen.


When you receive your terminal, you should:

➔ set your terminal up in a convenient location
➔ charge the terminal
➔ load the terminal with till roll
➔ connect it to an internet source using Wi-Fi
➔ connect via a mobile network
➔ log into the POSitive app - this will involve changing your password
➔ do a test transaction for a nominal amount

You may then want to:

➔ Create new users
➔ Change the display and other settings


The charging port is on the left hand side of the terminal. It is a standard USB-C
port. You can charge the device by plugging the charger cable (supplied) directly
into a power source, a PC, or an in-vehicle charger.

You can also charge it by placing it on the base station.


You must have a WiFi or a mobile signal to process transactions using the A920. The
terminal is shipped with Mobile & WiFi capabilities. If you have requested a SIM, it
will have the SIM installed.

Your Wi-Fi network must be secured with a password, and must not require the
device to open a browser to allow connection to the internet. You can set up your
Wi-Fi and cellular network settings from the menu on the Home screen.

Using Wi-Fi

  1. Tap the menu button in the top right hand corner.
  2. From the pop up menu, select Wi-Fi Settings.
  3. A list of available networks is displayed. Select the network you want to
    connect to.
  4. Key in the password when prompted, and press the ‘connect’ icon.
  5. The terminal will then start connecting to the network.
    Using Mobile Network
  6. Tap the menu button in the top right hand corner.
  7. From the pop up menu, select Cellular Settings.
  8. Choose ‘Select Network’.
  9. A list of available networks is displayed. Select the network you want to
    connect to.
  10. The terminal will then start connecting to the network.
    The terminal will automatically connect to the best mobile network available, this is
    a manual option if you wish to choose a network you find best in your area.


To change the till roll:

  1. Turn the terminal face down, and grip the lid release lever.
  2. Then pull the lid away from the terminal, as shown.
  3. Remove the spent till roll, and replace with a new one, making sure that it
    feeds up from behind the roll, rather than over the top of the roll.
  4. Pull a few centimeters of roll out before closing the lid. Tear off the excess
    paper if you wish. You can test the paper feed by printing a report, or
    reprinting a receipt.


Users/cashiers must log in to the terminal before they can process transactions.
You can set the amount of time that can elapse before the terminal goes into
standby. You can also set brightness level and other display settings.


Be careful to avoid spilling liquids on your terminal or base.

Clean it with a soft cloth. Do not use water, cleaning agents, or abrasive materials.
Be sure to turn off the terminal before cleaning.

The magnetic swipe and chip card readers should be cleaned regularly with a
suitable cleaning card.


The following keys give you easy access to key functions on the A920 Pro.


Press the upper right button on the side to turn on the terminal.


Press and hold the upper right button on the side of the terminal, then select
Power off on the touchscreen to turn off the terminal.


When you login to your terminal for the first time you will need your user
credentials. The user ID will be 1234, you will then be prompted for a password.
The first time you enter this, the password is 0000.

You will be prompted to change it before you can process any transactions.


Users of the A920 Pro will process transactions using the POSitive app.

Logging in to the POSitive app

When you first turn on the terminal, the initial screen is displayed, showing the date
and version of the software you are running.

  1. Tap the Payments icon to progress to the next screen.

You may see the following error/ notification:
➔ Error message - Comms Limited
➔ No Wi-Fi or Active SIM Found. Operations will be limited.
➔ Option - Dismiss
This is displayed if there is no SIM card, and you are outside a connected Wi-Fi.
2. After a brief pause, you will be prompted for a User ID and a password.
3. Key in the login details provided to you. They will consist of a numerical User
ID and password.


You will be prompted to change your password once you have logged in for the first
time. If you wish, you can choose to save the credentials.

  1. Having successfully logged in, you will be presented with the home screen,
    with the Main Menu tab uppermost.

Doing a Test Transaction

It is a good idea to do a test transaction with your own card, for a nominal amount
of, say, 1p, to make sure that everything is working as expected.


The A920 Pro has the ability to offer both physical and email receipt options to
merchants and customers. Sending email receipts is quick and simple once a
transaction has been completed.

Once a transaction has approved / declined the below screen will be displayed.

You can then view these receipts on screen to confirm any information you wish. If
the cardholder requests a copy of their receipt, simply select the “MAIL
CARDHOLDER” option and enter in their email address.

Once this is completed you can press DONE and the merchant copy of the receipt
will be automatically emailed to the Merchant Address email that has been loaded
to your terminal.


Please note that the merchant receipt is ALWAYS sent to the merchant email
address, there is no option to skip this.

As with printed receipts, you can also use the reprint manager under the main
menu, to view on screen and email copies of both Merchant + Customer receipts
if you wish.


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Republic of Ireland customers, it’s +44 808 204 0349.

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