One question about eligibility

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Could you help me with answering the following question, please?
Can I win any rewards, if my age is below 18 years, BUT i have a parent or legal guardian’s consent?

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Yes, you can. It’s clearly written on the T&C page.

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The T&C says that if my age is over 18 and I am the age of majority in my jurisdiction, then I can participate. But if I’m NOT the age of majority, I need parental consent.
So for example if I’m from Mississippi and I am 19 years old, I need parental consent, 'cause in Mississippi the age of majority is 21.
But I think this consent thing doesn’t apply for the FIRST condition, that I need to be over 18.

Thoughts on this?

(Edit: Thanks for the answer tho :D)

Wow, sorry, I didn’t know something called “Age of Majority” is to be considered for this. By the way, I am from India and 35 years old, so I didn’t give much thought to that.
I hope @Drew or @Kyle can help you with this. Just wait a bit, I hope one of them reads this.

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It’s totally understandable. :smiley:
Thanks for the reply and for tagging them!

I don’t have any further information that would describe otherwise, but based on on the information in Hack the Galaxy Full Contest Rules - Hack the Galaxy and quick google search, seems like being in Mississippi you would need parental consent just to be safe.

"If you are under the age of consent in your jurisdiction of residence you will need a parent or legal guardian’s consent to participate…Sponsor reserves the right to require proof of residency and age. Failure to provide proof of residency or age may result in your disqualification at Sponsor’s sole discretion.

Thank you for replying!
But the main question is: can I participate if I’m <18 years old and I have parental consent?

Thanks @matyasnyilas for your question.

So, would the first sentence supersede, and rule out the following one? I wouldn’t think so. I would have to follow up and get back on this.

…who are the age of majority in their jurisdiction and at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry.

If you are under the age of consent in your jurisdiction of residence you will need a parent or legal guardian’s consent to participate.

What if we have entered late? We will not have the opportunity to solve many of the puzzles and we will have less points :frowning:

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There’s still plenty of opportunities to solve more puzzles as you follow along with the schedule. Hack the Galaxy Official Rules