Onboarding documents?

I am trying to onboard from the UK as a sole trader and i was asked for a registration document from the HMRC, i supplied my UTR and confirmation but i keep getting asked for a “HMRC Confirmation” then linked to a VAT66A form to complete.

However i must be VAT registered to complete this form, but i am under the VAT threshhold in the UK.

Is it correct that i must sign up for VAT in the UK, even under the threshhold to complete the onboarding ?

I find it a little confusing as my application is still being approved, if not approved then i am stuck with VAT reporting for my business while under the threshhold.

Thanks, Rapyd does accept sole traders in the UK. If you are interfacing with someone from support@rapyd.net you should probably continue as they would have more info to help you in the approval process. I can pass off your information to help clarify anything.

Here’s a related article on this topic, so yes you should be correct. I Do Not Have a Tax ID or Business Incorporation Number

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