New Rapyd Samples - Accept Payments - Rapyd Collect API

Greetings everyone, I have a bit of news, as of today – Rapyd Samples is live!

We have had a lot of requests from the community that Rapyd was in need of a project that could be downloaded in various languages and “tried out” as a way to play around with the API.

Last year during our first external hackathon we learned that codes samples, sample code, however you like to say it, we don’t care, because we now have it. Rapyd has always had amazing code samples in our API Reference documentation so you will always find that available for you to use. This type of code sample takes into consideration the fact that you may want to download into your own IDE and test it out against something else or copy and paste some of the Rapyd code into your codebase.

If you run into problems or have feedback please let me know. Is it perfect? No. Will it work in production? No. Can you sleep and wake up to have fresh code ready? No. But what you will get is a fun experience testing out our Rapyd Collect API. There is more to come!

Have ideas on what else we need to add to our code samples? Want to help contribute? Again, let me know.