Making a coffee app

hello! Just starting a thread here on an app I’m making called coffee society. I wanted to enter it into one of your hackathons, and I probably will if there is another one this year.

The idea: a platform for local coffee shops. reviews and even a loyalty card program.

The pitch: Looking for your next favourite caffeine fix? Tired of waiting in line at chain stores? Look no further than Coffee Society! My mobile platform showcases the best local coffee shops and small businesses in your area, so you can support your community while enjoying a delicious cup of joe. With our easy-to-use interface, you can quickly discover new places to grab a drink or buy cool crafty items for sale. Plus, with our loyalty program, you can earn rewards and special perks at your favourite spots. Join the Coffee Society today and become a part of the local coffee community!


Technologies I am using

  • flutter sdk

  • Getx for statemanagement

  • Stripe for payments, but will add rapyd if there is another hackathon

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Thanks! This is great. Would you have any possible plans to release to a LATAM audience? Using payment methods in Mexico and South America? MXN, BRL, etc.

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that’s an idea. but i need to start with canada

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I also forgot to add this. The “banking” model for Starbucks is compelling. The loyalty card program would certainly match an embedded finance, collect, or ewallet use case.

Plus it always seems to feel better to buy coffee with a gift card / rewards program rather than just cash/credit.

this is very good. I still need to work on how this would play out in terms of code though… still learning playing around!

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yes this is essentially my goal with my app.

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