Live Hackathon Projects Built on the Rapyd API

I love learning about and looking into hackathon projects and live applications built upon the Rapyd API.

Here are some projects that have been put together this year and prior using the Rapyd API.

1. PlutusPay.App is a Rapyd Hackathon champion, and a no-code, store generator with intelligent checkout utilizing Rapyd for accepting payments for high-value transactions.

2. Invoice Station

Invoice Station is a Rapyd Hackathon winner, which enables freelancers or just anybody to create invoices and accept payments through bank transfers across many countries.

3. Invofly

Easily accept payments with invoices using Invofly.

4. Rapyd Charge

Increase checkout conversion rate using biometric and passwordless payments with Rapyd Charge.

5. Flash Checkout

Flash Checkout is a JavaScript library powered by Rapyd to make checkout faster. or also

6. PaymentKit

PaymentKit is a Rapyd Hackathon winner and the easiest way to collect payments online and in-person

7. FastPe

FastPe is a checkout app small and micro-businesses.

8 . Sage Checkout

Sage Checkout helps you adopt an experience customer want, customisable and configurable

9. Bid Reality

What if you could own anything you see in the real world? Bid Reality is one of the most unique VR checkout experiences built with Rapyd.

10. Single Page Checkout

Single Page Checkout provides a Smooth Online Shopping experience, promotes Items Sales Conversions rates, helps in management of Abandon Cart, Saved Cart, Sales and Payments powered by Rapyd & Email System.

11. ScaNet

ScaNet is an AI application for early disease diagnosis, doctor appointment booking, and much more.

12. Rapyd Split

Rapyd Split enables you to make frictionless group payments using the Rapyd Checkout Toolkit!

13. KreativeKorner

The creator economy is booming. KreativeKorner empowers creators by banking them and more. KreativeKorner is a Rapyd Hackathon winner.

14. FundMe

FundMe is a platform that gives users access to receive donations in USD, SGD, GBP & EUR.

15. Stream

Stream allows users to stream money directly to others. Streamed funds are transferred linearly over a specific time-frame. This means that the receiver can immediately spend their money as they receive it.

16. MarvelShop

MarvelShop is an original test website made by a former Rapyd team member prior to any virtual hackathon.

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