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So we are building out our white paper on how we want to implement our payment portals and we are looking into the white label as well. We are seeking a solid developer who has acumen as well as developer chops. Part of a team. This is a step-wise process so we aren’t looking for a big build-out of the gate. Please reply if you are interested. We start November 1st. We aren’t willing to pay enterprise prices. Must be market-competitive.


Thanks @JonBoy1, this is a nice post! Are you looking for any specific programming languages within the developer skillset?

Kyle thanks for your reply. We don’t have any specific language requirements and willl look at no code options at this time.

We will obviously look at each candidate and have him/her be able to scale and code given our parameters. The basics are below. Over term we are looking to deploy internationally. Our overall goal is to create and utilize an onboarding system for clients utilizing the rapid platform to its fullest extent.

However our strategic first goal is what we’re going to concentrate on. This would be a sample shopping cart and the ability to take cards, ACH, and wire transfers in the Americas. This will be branded under VX Global Inc. The shopping cart will have dual functionality and options to take both cards and ACH. Transfers would be a separate issue. This is not a full wallet at this point in time simply something that you would get from a typical merchant service provider. The build of this shopping cart will be simplistic and we are seeking to have both the items and the amounts static in most cases with the ability to send separate invoices for customized work. This should include the AML and KYC functions as well as the ability to expand this model as we move forward. Currently, we are looking for an experienced Rapyd Developer who can guide our request through programming and the use of rapid from a beta standpoint and work with our firm on a per-hour basis as we will need to fine-tune and qualify each step as we move forward. At this point in time we are not willing to accept any enterprise solutions or larger costs simply because the end product is in undetermined. Please send your resume and per-hour requirements to us so that we can review this and make a decision within the next two weeks. It should not be noted that this work is going to be ongoing as we wish to integrate the entire rapid suite of Services globally.

Let me know if we are in the right forum to recruit developer talent as we are not Rapyd developers. .

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Hi Jonathan,
If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here