Linking Your Bank Account in Client Portal

Link your bank account to fund your wallet or disburse to your bank account.

You can link multiple bank accounts to your client account. Your company might need separate accounts for different currencies or different countries.

  • Note : You must have Owner or Administrator privileges to add a bank account.

Steps to Add a Bank Account

  1. Log into your account in Client Portal and go to My Account > Account Details .
  2. Click Add Bank Account (if there are no bank accounts). Otherwise click the + icon to add an additional bank account.

  1. On the Add Bank Account form, provide the following information:
  • Under Account Type, select Personal or Business .
  • In the Country of Bank drop-down list, select the country in which the bank is located.
  • In the Currency of Account drop-down list, select the currency of the bank account.
    • Note : There may be additional information, depending on your selections.
  • Under Bank Name , select your Payout Method Type to receive settlement of funds into your bank account. In some countries the payout method type may be specific to the bank name.
  1. Tap Next.

  2. Enter the values for the Reporting Information fields. Rapyd financial reports use these values to identify the account.

  • Name of Account - A unique internal alias, such as US Dollar Account .
  • Bank Name - The bank’s name (e.g. Bank of America, Chase Bank) .
  • Account Number - The bank account number.
  1. Enter the values for the Bank Details fields. These fields might vary, depending on your bank account’s country and currency.
  • IBAN - International Bank Account Number
  • Company Name , or First Name & Last Name -
  • Account Number - Bank Account Number. If more than one field, the second field should autofill.
  • ABA (Routing) - Routing Number of the Bank
  1. Tap Submit .

The new bank account appears under Bank Accounts.

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