iOS SDK for Xcode 12.5

Hi… I am using Xcode 12.5 to build AR App with Rapyd SDK. The latest iOS SDK only support Xcode 12.4. Since it’s AR app, it would need the device SDK not simulator. I tried to build against the latest Rapyd SDK and received errors: (please help)

~/RapidPay/rapyd-sdk-v2.4.1-xcode-12.4/Simulator/RapydSDK.framework/Modules/RapydSDK.swiftmodule/arm64.swiftinterface:5:8: Module ‘CoreLocation’ was created for incompatible target arm64-apple-ios14.5: /Applications/

~/RapidPay/RapidPay/Payment/Wallet.swift:9:8: Failed to build module ‘RapydSDK’ from its module interface; the compiler that produced it, ‘Apple Swift version 5.3.2 (swiftlang-1200.0.45 clang-1200.0.32.28)’, may have used features that aren’t supported by this compiler, ‘Apple Swift version 5.4.2 (swiftlang-1205.0.28.2 clang-1205.0.19.57)’

I just installed Xcode 12.4 to try the RapydSDK device framework and have a new problem:

Module ‘RapydSDK’ was created for incompatible target arm64-apple-ios11.4-simulator: ~/rapyd-sdk-v2.4.1-xcode-12.4/Simulator/RapydSDK.framework/Modules/RapydSDK.swiftmodule/arm64.swiftmodule

It seems that the framework targeted for simulator works but not for device. I need the one for device as to do Augmented Reality shopping, it has to run on the device not simulator.

Thanks @Wolee_2000. The module folder you listed seems to be under simulator. Did you attempt to test the device folder? I checked in with one of our developers and he said it compiled and worked. I’ve posted the following screenshots.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 20.51.31

Hi Kyle,

I pointed to the device folder framework not the simulator and have the problem.

I even redownloaded the sdk and downgraded the xcode to 12.4. Also clear cache too.

Here is the photo:

Have a blessed day!

This has better photo.

Have a blessed day!

Hi just noticed this post… and not sure if it’s been resolved yet or not… I had the same problem too when developing for the Rapyd Hackathon using Xcode 12.5, I found that the Rapyd framework cannot co-exist for both the simulator and the device… but my app didn’t need the device for the major features so for the convenience of testing on a simulator, I only added the framework for the simulator instead and deleted the device’s one from the Xcode project, as shown in the screenshot below : I just added one only to my Xcode project instead of two for both simulator and device … so you can either do it on a device or a simulator … not both … hope it helps…

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Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your help but I need the device framework because I was working on AR shopping. Unfortunately, I had already coded the AR and was working great till I integrated with RapydSDK. I was working on RapydSDK as simulator to test the transaction. When I merged the two projects (AR and Transaction processing), I then discovered in dismay that the RapySDK device framework didn’t work.

Finally, I had to bow out from the Hackathon because of this. Definitely didn’t get the support I need so oh well… It would have been a great project.

Anyways thanks again for responding. Best of luck on your hackathon.

Sorry to know that you withdrew, anyway as I mentioned that you could either have the framework for the simulator or device alone but not both at the same time,

In the early June when I just entered the hackathon and downloaded the Rapyd iOS SDK, i started using the framework for device alone only as I had a problem with the framework to run on a simulator, afterwards I found from StackOverFlow that there’s a need for setting the Xcode project’s target Build Settings for the “Validate WorkSpace to YES”, in order for the framework for simulator to work, but even after doing that both device and simulator also can’t co-exist, so you can’t have both, you must opt to have one only.

For my case, my major features just need the simulator, and I sometimes had problems to load to my device due to my device’s lightning connection problem, so for my convenience I have only the framework for simulator for my development.

AR is cool! I think your project should be a great one. If I’d noticed this post earlier on, I probably could help…I haven’t got much chance working for AR yet for iOS, my previous is more on AVFoundation …I’ll need to explore on the AR . Anyway best of luck for you for future.

Yes, I was targeting only the device as soon as I integrated rapyd SDK with AR project since ARKit only works with device. Your suggestion to set “Validate Workspace to Yes” did remove the error.

I need to also delete the “simulator” folder from the SDK for it to work as well because it keeps going to the simulator folder even though I pointed to the device folder. Too bad that it only works now otherwise it would have been a good project to enter. AR Shopping.

Thanks for at least showing me the issue. I believe it is Xcode issue as I see it on the Apple site too.

If you need help with AR, do ping me. I just love the concept. I developed AR today using Unity and have it work on both iPhone and Android. This is the iOS version:

Yes, the Rapyd framework can only have one - so after deleting the simulator framework , the device should work.

Your AR work is cool! I have very little experience with ARKit. I used to program a few games on SpriteKit and SceneKit (those days were still on Objc C before moving to Swift) and was thinking of making an AR game to integrate with ARKit too but didn’t proceed further due to busy with some other work as I’m a part-time/self-taught iOS developer, doing for passion on and off only.

My next is completing one of my passion projects for video capturing, filter and editing with AVFoundation and looking into blockchain app too.

For Unity … ever tried and tested building a game with it a number years ago… but afterwards didn’t continue to explore anything further with Unity… due to the later versions seem to have huge components to download as where I live having very poor Internet connection for years (a poor 4-10Mbps hahaha) and only managed to get the availability of and upgrade to 100Mbps in about 2 months ago :joy .

Anyway, keep up the good work… and all the best

I was a self taught iOS Developer too. Took some time but I finally found a good company to work as senior iOS Dev.

Despite the fact that hackathon is over, I’ll see whether I can get the AR project with payment to complete. Who knows… it may become an app in the AppStore.

Good luck with yours…

Have a blessed day!

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Great, thanks and same to you