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Welcome @nir.arad glad to have you and your expertise in the community!

Hello @iamrutvik nice to see you here and welcome!

Welcome @Essembly to the community!

Welcome @aldo excited to help build this community with you!

Hi everyone! I’m a student developer who’s joined the hackathon!


Hey there @Soulkks - welcome to the Rapyd fintech community and best of luck in the Hackathon!

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Hi all!
My name is Tal Kramer and I am a Backend Developer here at Rapyd, TLV site. I am a part of the Rapyd Protect team. Would be happy to assist with any question.
Feel free to reach out and connect on Linkedin :wink:


Welcome @Tal_Kramer – happy you are here!

Hey folks :wave:

I am Hemanth Krishna, a sophomore CS Undergrad. I love open-source and am an Android App Developer (Kotlin/Flutter) as well as a FullStack developer with experience in DevOps. It’s really great to be here! Looking forward for the hack :smiley:

Would like to connect with you good folks at:
LinkedIn -
GitHub - DarthBenro008 (Hemanth Krishna) · GitHub

Great to have you here @Benro and welcome to the community! :wave: