Integrate RAPYD with ZOHO invoices

ZOHO invoices dont allow direct integration with Rapyd , what i want is that create zoho invoice, send payment link to customer , customer click link this will redirect to rapyd gateway to pay dues.
is it possible to do that???
can anyone help me in this regard

Thanks @tom_boy, to clarify, you are looking for something like Create Checkout Page or Create Payment, that will connect back to ZOHO invoices?

Webhooks like Payment Completed would help sync back to ZOHO.

It seems like you may be able to build out a custom Integration into ZOHO under the API Key type integration to build out a connection with Rapyd’s Request Signature.

I can check in further about this and get back.

As @Community_Team stated. You will need to create a custom Zoho Invoices. Zoho uses Rest API to allow developers create an Invoice. here is the documentation URL
Zoho Invoice API Docs

This is what you will do, Get the price/amount for the zoho invoice and use it to on RAPYD Checkout Page amount.

It all depends on how you wants to create and retrieve your Page Payment Checkout id.

Since you will be sending your customer an invoice link. you can store zoho custom data along with the invoice payable amount in a database. when your customer wants to checkout the invoice, you can then fetch the invoice amount and then use it to create your Rapyd Page Checkout. its just simple. Thanks

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