I got a question about the uniqueness of the Reference ID when creating a wallet - what is its use, if another wallet id is created beginning with ewallet_xxxxx ? Is that just for internal client use?

[SE response] Yes, that’s right. ewallet_reference_id is for client use.
Rapyd’s reference to this wallet is through the id field (e.g. ewallet_xxxxx )

[Anonymous] So let’s say that username is a unique value in my database. So i can use ewallet_username since its always going to be unique

That’s right.

[SE response] Also note that ewallet_reference_id is an optional field while creating a wallet.

It’s optional but there is uniqueness checking on the Rapyd side

Many of the Rapyd processes include some kind of client-defined ID. It is up to the client to determine the format of their own ID. Except as stated below, these are optional and do not have to be unique.

  • Payments and refunds - merchant_reference_id
  • Orders - upstream_id
  • Checkout page - merchant_reference_id
  • Payouts and beneficiaries - merchant_reference_id
  • Wallets - ewallet_reference_id - must be unique
  • Identity verification reference_id - required, and must be unique
  • Issued bank account number - merchant_reference_id