How would you define API first?

As companies start to look expand and integrate using APIs I wanted to ask how would you define API first and what is most important to you?

Maybe this is extremely easy for you, and for companies where the API is the main external product. Maybe it’s over-simplified as you have many internal APIs, or maybe not as relatable in your industry.

I STILL want to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think?

Here are a couple definitions I thought we could start with.

  • An approach to prioritizing your API product in every area: design, development, testing and security, etc.
  • A mindset to use all the best practices to make the API developer experience the best it can possibly be. Think “mobile first” for customer experience to “API first” for the developer.
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All the web & app are which has developed by the developers are made them to use the API which made the process easier!! the secure messaging API are the major one among the APLs