Rapyd DevTalk: So You Want to Test Your APIs?

In this Rapyd DevTalk join the community as we meet, and hear from Dave Westerveld as shares how to approach API testing and automation.

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Doing more API testing sounds like a great idea, but how do you find the time for it and how exactly should you go about testing an API?

Join Dave Westerveld to help you get started with answering these questions. We’ll talk about some important testing practices and how to apply them in the context of API quality. We will also look at the role automation plays in API testing and how to effectively test 3rd party APIs.

This webinar is ideal for testers, developers, or anyone looking to get a better understanding of how to test an API can all benefit from this talk. You will need a basic understanding of how a RESTful API works and how to use it at a basic level.

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Super excited for this one!


If you missed this DevTalk you can always watch the recording. :smile: