How to Integrate Checkout into Online Shopping Cart using PHP

I’m a student, currently doing an industrial final year project. My project is related to an online food ordering website, it required me to implement a payment getaway.

After read all the documentation and watched YouTube videos created by Rapyd, I’m still having issues when implementing Rapyd in my project. I am only able to get a tutorial to integrate checkout into an online shopping cart using Python. However, my project is using PHP as the primary language. Could explain more about the integration of checkout into an online shopping cart using PHP?

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Hi Kevin, the Rapyd API is quite complicated, especially for junior developers. Before doing anything with PHP you need to have the theory clear, and for that, you must read the official documentation, after that, you need to be able to use the API with Postman with the collection of the offer. ONLY after you simulate with Postman the flow you want to develop you can start writing code in PHP, otherwise its gonna be extremely overwhelming.

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Hi dlupo. Understand your concern. I did read the official documentation, but I’m still having issues with the implementation. I will be using the Hosted Checkout Page. I’m trying to figure out the required parameters and etc. Could you please explain more about it? TIA

Oh we thought only we found it overwhelming lol

Hey @kevinchong1 how is your project going?