Rapyd Checkout Integration with Python

Can I use Flask to integrate Rapyd Checkout into my online shopping cart?

Hello @Legato :wave:t4: - There should be no problem using the micro web framework Flask to build your integration. To see an example of Python being used, see our Rapyd Checkout Overview where you can also learn more about the Rapyd Checkout solution.

We do not have any sample code specific to Flask at this time, so when you have finished your concept, let us know - we would love to share your example with other users in the community that want to see how Flask and Rapyd Checkout can work together.

Any questions please let us know. Hey community, please add to this conversation if you have more experience or examples of using Flask. :point_down:t4:

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Thanks @drew. The help page you indicated also includes a link to a useful video on a Flask integration: How to Integrate Rapyd Checkout into Your Online Shopping Cart on Vimeo

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