How many people win the prizes from each interim period and mission period?

I am just interested in how many chances I have lol

one person for each period but some prizes are the same if that makes sense… here’s the rules that explain it better :slight_smile: Hack the Galaxy Official Rules

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ah i see so the chances are pretty slim. i hoped there were more of those “cheaper prizes” like toaster and jacket

You get no chance if you dont try at all though! Considering the total prize value is around $400,000 I think they have been very generous with the amount of prizes.

the prize value doesnt indicate the amount of prizes though. it could be 1 prize wroth 400k 10 prizes worth 40 k or 1000 prizes worth 400

I understand that I’m just saying they have already spent quite a bit and are giving a lot of prizes I think

13 prizes in total I believe. And thats only for the puzzles, they do hackathons too

Yes, @InkEssence is correct. It’s around $400,000 worth of prize value. And the prizes are very few. May be around 10 smaller prizes, for a total value of around $1,000. And then there are 3 Grand Prizes worth $130,000 each (the space flights), that makes $390,000 for all the grand prizes.

Are you doing hackathons also? I want to do those, but I am not so confident about my programming skills.

I’m not either unfortunately, I am still learning so I’m not at the right level of knowledge yet

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To answer your original question, yes, but only the first interim puzzle winner was anounced a while back. He won a Telescope. They released a youtube video also where the winner gave his feedback.