Hosted Checkout Page vs Toolkit Integration Features

The Checkout Overview page has a table comparison between the Hosted Checkout Page (HCP) and the Checkout Toolkit Integration. Here is an extended view of the features of the HCP & Toolkit.

Hosted Checkout Page (Full Page) vs Toolkit Integration

Full Page Toolkit
Integration Quick and requires minimal dev efforts, making this solution perfect for SMBs Additional efforts with developers required for integration.
Customization Page customization available via the Client Portal White-label solution with extensive customization options, using css styling.
Experience User is being redirected to a Rapyd new page, with completion or error urls to redirect the user back to. Provides a more seamless experience with relatively low effort—users are not being redirected to a new page, but rather stay within the client’s website.
Use Case Integrate the checkout page for your user workflow with a single API call with the Checkout Page Object.

Generate a one-time checkout payment link in the Client Portal, or multiple links with the Mass Invoice tool.
You generate a checkout request and keep the user on your website by embedding the checkout page with the relevant code provided by Rapyd.

You can add window.addEventListener that runs when events occur to keep the user on the relevant page as described in Steps for Creating Your Checkout Page.
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