Hack the Canadian Galaxy

I’m not Canadian (nor resident there) but I noticed the following curious statement within the T&Cs for the HTG competition:

“FOR RESIDENTS OF CANADA ONLY: Prior to being confirmed as a winner, any eligible winner who is a resident of Canada will be required to correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question without mechanical or other aid. Failure to correctly answer the skill-testing question will result in disqualification from winning the applicable prize.”

Why might this be?

I too wondered why Canadians should have a math test to be confirmed as winners?

Is it a law or some kind of captcha?

Thanks @igorgetmeabrain, and @JaiinaK, doing some quick research online myself this is a required item for contests in Canada. You can read more here on wikipedia as well as other websites. Skill testing question - Wikipedia.

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That is really interesting, I wonder why Hack the galaxy does not fall into the skill and chance based competition category.

It might of course just be an added safety measure to fully comply with Canadian Law.

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