Are extraterrestrial aware of our existence?

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Thanks for asking @Dvi,

Our own @McKay_Duffin, shared a little on an article here: Hack the Galaxy: See the World From a Different Perspective - DEV Community

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Oh, most certainly!.. they are totally aware, more than us humans!..

Depends on how far away they are. The size of the universe means intelligent life must be somewhere. But are they within range of a light speed transmission yet? Well see

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It would make sense for other intelligent life forms to reach the conclusion that the existence of other civilizations is statistically inevitable. But do they know about us specifically? Well that would require them to be a far more advanced civilization, in order to be able to bridge the immense gap of time and space …

I guess that yes, they are. All these UFO sightings approve this statement, plus some government statements that are saying that UFOs are real and that they could be something else. We maybe have this huge leap in IT technologies because of a crashed spaceship at Roswell. When the Roswell spaceship crashed, besides a whole city seeing cadavers falling from the sky, after few months, the modern transistors appeared just like magic. Then after a couple of years the microcontrollers appeared and then 5 years after that the microprocessors appeared. These things may sound crazy, but then you have an ex-chief of Pentagon that wrote a book talking about this. In that book he stated that they fooled the researchers by telling them that these microprocessors, microcontrollers, button-control systems and materials were developed by other research departments and that they have to make them functional and ready to be deployed on the markets. The aforementioned things were told by an EX-PENTAGON CHIEF!!!

Then you have recently, like one or two years ago, the Canadian prime minister talking related to the American UFO chased by fighter jets that escaped that they should release documents about the alliance, and that we collaborate with multiple species, like 7 of them and that some are indistinguishable from humans. This thing was told by AN EX-PRIME MINISTER ON NATIONAL TV!!!

So yes, I believe that extraterrestrial exist. We may even took their technology. We may even collaborate with them. These things were spoken by high ranking officials, not by a crazy person talking about their hallucinogenic drugs experience.