Crypto/Blockchain integration with Rapyd

Hi everyone,

I’m still really confused about how Rapyd fits into crypto/blockchain apps for circuit 1 (they gave crypto as an example…). From what I’ve seen so far, Rapyd API relates to traditional money transactions with bank accounts and e-wallets, and I haven’t been able to find anything about how it can be implemented with crypto applications, specifically for decentralised apps built on top of ethereum. Any tips?


Hi, Matt. Thanks for joining us.

Rapyd does not directly handle any crypto currencies. I would suggest just treating the crypto units as if they were physical products. Just like a person could buy 34.3 kilos of wheat, they could buy 34.3 ETH. The ETH dealer can charge money in whatever currency he wants, put that money in his bank, then issue the ETH according to that product’s infrastructure.

It sounds like an integration issue between Rapyd’s API and whatever API the Ethereum tech requires. Should be interesting!