Can't get complete_auto_redirect to work


I’m trying to skip the thank you page by setting complete_auto_redirect=true - but still, I’m ending out on the default thank you page

Is there anything I need to take into account to make it work? I have already tried with a public URL in complete_checkout_url (not localhost:8080)


This may do it:

  1. Sign in to the Client Portal and navigate to Settings > Branding
  2. Click on the link icon and enter the URL of the landing page in the Fallback URL field (see pic).


Hi @Legato,

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the answer that will solve my question as this is where one can specify a return URL that wiull be used if no URL is specified in complete_checkout_url. I have already specified an URL in complete_checkout_url + also I can’t use the default fallback as I need information about the customer’s order to go into the request


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This feature is not documented. If you really need it, I suggest you contact Client Support.

It’s sandbox


http://oneshop.local is my localhost - can be reached from outside; because of this, I have also tried with public available URI just in case Rapyd was testing the URI before trying to redirect - same result